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Birthright - Cities of the Sun

Abortive Coup against the Sultan of Suiriene

Anarire 560MR

Hussein Aram of the GTL and Laila bint Latifa al-Suiriene of the MSC, alarmed by the growing influence of The Serpent petitioned the Sultan to support their efforts to begin a purge. While the Sultan gave his blessing news of the plan leaked to the Serpents agents and they launched a preemptive strike! With the support of agents and turncoats a team of assassins infiltrated the castle aiming to end the sultan’s life. Fortunately for the Sultan and indeed the entire realm. Preparations for the coup created ripples in the criminal underworld that drew the attention of Lalia Bint Latifa . She dispatched her own ‘agents of discretion’ to investigate. Alerted just as the coup began, she informed the other regents before heading to the place with her personal retinue. Overcoming treachery at the gate, she was joined by a detachment of Church templars under the command of His High Holiness and they combined forces to fight the traitors. While the church detachment moved to try and find the Sultan himself, the Guilders went to take back control of the barricaded barracks hoping to rally loyal troops. Confusion and disorder reigned as loyalist and traitor fought.
The Templars secured the residential section of the palace, only to learn the sultan was in the throne room. After breaking open the barracks, the guild group found most of the troops, weak and sickened by poison. But a small contingent led by the Seargent Akbar the Weak-stomached (whose delicate digestion had ironically prevented him partaking of the poisoned food) joined them and they rushed for the throne room.

The remaining churchmen were already there. His High Holiness fighting a magical duel with a Serpent Priest, a Priest who he had consigned to prison once before but had been released by traitors. Leira’s powers prevailed over that of the abomination and the newly arrived guards slew the last of the assassins. Unfortunately, while he was not slain, the Sultan had taken a small cut from one of the assassin’s daggers and was made deathly ill by poison.


Through research and prevailing on his friend el-Badein the Saltmage was able to facilitate a remedy for the poison. While it did not reverse all of his effects the risk of death was ended and the Sultan was able to take up the reigns of goverment again.


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