Campaign of the Month: July 2019

Birthright - Cities of the Sun

Great Temple of Leira Schisms!

Sehnir 561MR

The leading priest of the Temple of Leira in the province of Baered
announced a schism! Denouncing Hussein Aram as a heretic who had betrayed the faith through his dealings with the Dragonsea Temple of Halia and coveting wealth above the well-being of the faithful. Abedine Ab Leiria has declared himself High Holiness of the True Temple of Leira and is urging all faithful to denounce the blasphemers. He has also declared his temples ongoing loyalty to Aisha bint Mieles al-Suiriene as the legitimate secular ruler of the state.

Responding swiftly Hussein Aram dispatched his trusty leftenant to the province with a proposal, that he would meet Abedine in a public debate during the month of Roelier to resolves their spiritual and doctrinal disagreements


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