Cites of the sun

Cites of the Sun is a Campaign of the AD&D setting of Birthright. It uses Pathfinder 1sted rules married to the basic domain rules from the original Birthright boxset, the Cities of the Sun boxset and some material taken from the excellent

The campaign starts in the Khinasis Island States. The players have taken ‘off the shelf’ domains based on the Island of Suiriene

The Island states have centred the islands south and east of the Khinasi lands and also include the isolated realms on the east coast that are almost unreachable by land. The Island States include the Isle of the Serpent, home to one of Cerilia’s most powerful awnsheghlien, the war-torn realm of Vos dominated Pipyret, now more commonly named after its regent, the Magian, who is a deadly mage with few, perhaps no, equals in magical might. Suiriene the fair remained an Anuirean colony long after the empire withdrew from much of Khinasi and the culture is still a mixture of the two human tribes, Ghamoura by contrast never yielded to the empire and also scorns its fellow Khinasi states for their tolerance of magic, which the theocracy sees as impure. The tiny state of Mairada holds itself neutral from the dealings of the states around it, while the Maze of the Minotaur is only ever remembered due to the presence of the Minotaur himself. Last is Merasaf, an embattled realm pressed by orogs to the west and Vos to the North.

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Turn Due date Adventures/Events Participants Resolved
Haelynir 561 MR 7th Dec Trouble with Ghamoura Aisha bint Mieles al-Suiriene Djuhah ibn Farid “The Saltmage” Resolved

Birthright - Cities of the Sun

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